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Marco for PA

1496 Butler Plank Rd

We found a home for our campaign at 1496 Butler Plank Rd. Just off of Route 8 (William Flynn Highway), we are right in the heart of Shaler and just a quick drive away from Hampton, Richland, Fox Chapel, and O'Hara.

The building itself is owned by HD Forming, a PennDOT-approved supplier of raw materials for highways, bridges, roads, and railways. However, long-time residents remember when this building was a Busy Beaver or, at one time, even a ballet studio.

Marco Attisano_Navy.jpg

We opened up our office officially on January 11, 2020 with more than 75 people from across the District and our doors have been opened to the community ever since.


Please come on by at any time and join us as we work to elect Marco Attisano to the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives.

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In the U.S. Navy, Marco served as a Seabee. The Seabees do the building and construction for the Navy and during his time there, he poured concrete, framed houses, and helped to make sure that anyone who needed it had the infrastructure they needed to fight, live, and work. That's why he's proud to call 1496 Butler Plank and all of the building's history home for our campaign.

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